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So, there's this fashion/lifestyle blog I used to enjoy.  It was frothy and fun; a nice break from the work day.  I also got decent ideas from it.  I still have a few skirts and purses I purchased after first seeing them featured on this blog.  It was enjoyable.  Then, it wasn't.

The problem with this blog, aside from the content becoming somewhat lazy, is the comment section. Now, I have said before that it drives me nuts when professional bloggers censor comments to appear that they receive 100% praise.  This blog does that in spades.

So thin-skinned are these people and their followers, that when I posted something snarky about it on a different site, someone managed to trace it back to me, and post the same snark on my About Me post.  I deleted it after several months, but I wish I hadn't.  It said "Homegirl seems to have Trump level amounts of delusion" or something close to that.  Yeah, it was sort of douchy of me, but when a blogger consistently trumpets …
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Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

During my 7 week (so far) recovery from my accident, eating has been, at times, tricky.  For the first 4 weeks, I couldn't feed myself, so I was spoon-fed by either my mom or my boyfriend.  It was as much fun as it sounds.  I stuck mostly to small portions, just to get it over with.  I ate toast and soup mostly, with protein shakes for breakfast. At least with a straw, I had some control.

When I got some use of my arms back, I was thrilled to be able to feed myself, no matter how awkward it was.  I stuck to small portions, since I was barely moving.  Eventually, though, bad habits returned. (I blame my mother, who has a sweet tooth worse than mine, but that's another story.)

Now that I am more mobile and planning to get back to work soon, I wanted a healthy snack, so with not much in the cupboards, I decided to try roasting a can of chickpeas. I'm glad I did, because they were amazing!

After taking almost 10 minutes to open the damn can, what with my weak wrist and arm, I…

Baby Cake

I made a cake.
Normally, this would not be big news, it would indicate it's a day that ends in a Y.

In this case, it's newsworthy (at least to me) because it's the first thing I have baked on my own since my accident. My arms and wrists are still ridiculously weak.  I wasn't able to get a big mixing bowl out of the cupboard, nor could I ratchet up my KitchenAid mixer, so I had to make the whole thing in a cereal bowl.  I halved the recipe, and struggled on with a wooden spoon.  I baked the cake in 2 mini cake pans I picked up at Sur la Table in SoHo a few years ago.

I used a recipe from an old cottage cookbook I've had for decades. I have left the original (and minimal) instructions below.  In old cookbooks, they tend to assume you already know what you're doing in the kitchen.  If you aren't an experienced baker, a few tips: use room temperature butter; mix baking soda and powder in with flour first; don't over-mix. This makes a thick batter that need…

Relax, I'm Unarmed

On January 17th, 2 days after returning from the Bahamas, I fell down some stairs. I smashed into a wall, and landed in a pile.  Some strangers helped me to my feet, and one handed me the glasses that had flown off my head and broken.  I figured I'd keep on my way to work.  I raised my right arm to put my glasses back on, but... nothing.  I was telling my arm to lift, but it was dangling like a wet dish rag.  I freaked out.

Back at street level, a lovely woman called an ambulance for me, and the pain kicked in.  I couldn't see (broken glasses), I couldn't move... I stood on the corner and cried until the ambulance finally arrived to take me to Mount Sinai Hospital.

After some waiting, x-rays, and examinations, it was confirmed that I had indeed broken my right humerus. Badly.  Like, we-need-to-insert-a-metal-plate-to-hold-it-together badly.  All this time, my left wrist looked quite swollen and hurt.  Back to x-ray! Turns out I totally shattered my wrist.  More metal plat…

Here We Are

Ah, well, here we are.

Donald Trump is the President Elect of the United States of America.  I didn't see this coming, AT ALL.  And, I suppose, shame on me for that.

I guess I do live in a liberal, multicultural, educated bubble, but it wasn't always like that.  As I have said before, my parents were basically Archie Bunker and Gidget (yup, they got divorced when I was young).  My liberalism came as I experienced life, as a form of common sense and empathy.  I mean, how could you feel otherwise, or so I thought.  I had no idea that actual or perceived economic anxiety would allow decent people to vote for a man enthusiastically endorsed by the former imperial grand wizard (or whatever the fuck) of the KKK. Shame on them for that.

Whatever. Here we are.  What now?

Do Democrats have to "fall in line" in a way Republicans NEVER did for President Obama?  I mean, they wouldn't even consider a Supreme Court Justice who was eminently qualified. What happens if a conser…

America and 'Murrica

In 2008, as I stood in line at the National Archives (on July 4th!), I overheard a conversation behind me.  A young man from Texas was chatting with an older woman, who said she was from Iowa.  I kept my eyes front, but I rolled them, assuming I was in for a long bout of "Obama is a Muslim who hates America" garbage, but I was surprised.

Talk quickly turned to politics, as we waited for a chance to see the Declaration of Independence. The man rather sheepishly confessed that he was an Obama volunteer; the older woman replied that she had been holding meetings in Iowa on behalf of the Senator from Illinois. They were both doing all they could to ensure that the first black president was elected.

I smiled, then silently chastised myself for making an assumption that just because I was in a very patriotic place on a patriotic day, I'd be surrounded by gun-loving, gay-hating science-denying idiots. Shame on me.

Still, there's a reason that I, and much of the rest of the…

Summer 2016: The Year of 50!

I know, it's not technically summer yet, but to me, it's summer once I turn on (and start paying for) air conditioning. I have had to do so on several occasions so far this year. Not complaining!

A few weeks ago, I had drinks at the Ritz Carlton with some friends after work. Ended up staying all evening, chugging cosmos and noshing on truffle fries.  Admittedly, I had a headache the next morning, but it was mostly from looking at the cheque and realizing how much I had spent...

Last weekend, I enjoyed a weekend in Stratford with my oldest friends. One of the Janes (besides me, there are 2 Janes and 2 Rebeccas in these photos.  Burlington was so diverse!) called this The Year of 50, and now that I am (mostly) not lying about my age, I am embracing it.  I think we are all rocking 50 so far, and I guess it's better to look like a decently-preserved 50 than a haggard 40, right?

We saw A Chorus Line at Stratford.  It was fantastic! I'll write more about it in a future post,…